Why Shrimp is the Most Popular Seafood

Shrimp is highly popular when it comes to seafood. This is a shellfish that is very tasty especially when fresh and cooked in the right way. Shrimp farming has increased in popularity in different parts of the world. This is one reason that makes shrimp popular seafood. This type of farming has attracted a lot of people considering the fact that it is simple and the returns are great. A shrimp farm can also be maintained in both salty water and in fresh water as long someone knows how to ensure that the water conditions are maintained in the right way.

Another reason that contributes to the popularity of shrimp as the most popular seafood is the fact that a female shrimp lays millions of eggs at a go. These eggs hatch after only one day ensuring that there is shrimp; as many as possible. The main food of the hatched shrimp is brine and algae. After about 12 days of being fed algae and brine, they develop to young shrimp which can be either transferred to nurseries before going to bigger ponds. After 25 days in the nurseries, the young shrimp is normally transferred to the big ponds where they are given approximately 6 months to grow.

Shrimp farming is also a simple process since it is done using net fishing. Another way of harvesting shrimp is by draining all the water from the pond. The harvesting depends on the climatic conditions of a region. In areas where water temperatures are high, the harvesting can be done 3 times a year while in other areas where the temperature is not as high the harvesting is done once a year. When the harvesting is done, the shrimp is normally so many, contributing to them being popular seafood.

A shrimp farm can make you more income. It can be called as an aquaculture of business. This kind of farming was done in Southeast Asia but now it is done globally. Farming of this fish started from 1970 and after that, production increased rapidly. Rapid growing of shrimp needs saltwater, warm climate etc. Farming of shrimp has two phases. During recent years, a new technology has been devised for shrimp farming and they are stacked raceways which use indoor aquaculture rather than using outdoor pond aquaculture.

This farming was introduced in Asia and was using traditional methods. The ‘green water’ techniques were used by the farmers to have a sustainable eco system and it is necessary to daily check the pond water. After 25 days, you must take out the shrimp from the water and should clean the pond. Daily ventilating the water can give oxygen to shrimp. There are some paddle wheel aerators which can freshen up the water giving oxygen to the shrimp. The farmers who need large production should need small sized ponds with large quantity of shrimp inside them. This farming has a harmful effect on the surrounding system because of improper knowledge.  Anyone can do this type of farming as long as they have the resources and can maintain the shrimp farm as required.

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