Things to Know About the Quality of Shrimp Feed in Shrimp Farming

The shrimp farms have come up very popularly considering the choice of shrimps as a very preferable sea food product. The shrimp farms have been opened in various regions in the world with the choice of people to opt for shrimps due to their nutritional contents. The shrimps are so popular in some areas that they are cultivated in schools apart from the general catch from the water bodies. Shrimp farming can be done in fresh as well as salt water. Shrimp farms are generating good amount of employment and even call for a lot of care and skilled labor in cultivating shrimps. The shrimps need to be dealt with carefully with chances of getting spoilt. This calls for the knowledge of the quality of the feed that is provided to the shrimps while being cultivated.

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A common way of feeding the shrimp at shrimp farms is by letting them thrive on the produce of the same water body like ponds they are being cultivated or bred in. There are also separate supplements to these organisms that are often used as shrimp feed but only in intensive cases. It depends a lot upon the environment in which they are cultivated and the proportion too. Thus it leads to the development of a food chain inside the ponds at a shrimp farm. The growth of phytoplankton through fertilization and conditioning is also useful. These are mostly categorized as natural pond produce and the artificial feed is usually given to the shrimps in the granular form and can be quickly assimilated in their system. This benefit of artificial feed makes the shrimp farming conduct the growth of shrimps efficiently. There is a loss of a lot of this feed as it disintegrates immediately even before the consumption by the shrimps.

Shrimp feed patterns

Shrimps farming must aim at feeding the shrimps two to five times a day for matching to the quality of the feed that will make growth of quality shrimps. The feeding methods can me manual, mechanical or even specific by using boats etc. the feed conversion rates are defined and they define a certain amount of food that is necessary to produce a kilogram of shrimp successfully. Shrimp farms maintaining this conversion rate are supposed to be in the profitable bracket. The conversion rate should be as low as possible for the profitability of the shrimp farms.

Shrimp farming cannot be undertaken by anyone who wishes to produce or start a business of cultivating and selling shrimps as the farming need a lot of knowledge in relation to the growth, feed and care of the cultivated product. The feed must not be neglected and is the main workforce in the health of the shrimp that is finally grown for use. The enhanced use of shrimps in the recent times, even its choice in alternation to chicken has increased its market considerably making shrimp farming an upcoming industry. The better the quality of the feed the better will be the final shrimp product at the shrimp farm.

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