The Nutritional Benefits of Shrimp and How it Compares to Chicken

Shrimp farming is carried out in fresh as well as salt water with the availability of these swimming shellfish in both types of water environments. They are consumed widely by human populations and are caught as well as cultivated in schools. Shrimps contain nutritional proportions and are hence cultivated in shrimp farms.

Shrimp nutrition

Shrimp farming is popular because the tail meat of the shrimp is eaten by humans and is commonly used in making soups, salads, main course etc. Such wide use of shrimps has encouraged shrimp farms to come up at many places. The nutritional content in shrimps consist of cholesterol which is often used to increase it for the good health, fatty acids in it also help maintain healthy cardiac conditions. It helps maintaining immunity in the body and the selenium content is even beneficial for thyroid glands. Shrimp farms have come up more because people have eventually started understanding the benefits of eating them and are sometimes taken as an alternative for chicken too.

Shrimp has lesser calories than chicken and is hence preferred more by some people. The fat content on shrimps is again very less as compared to chicken. What is similar in both of them is that they are bothe having proteins on the similar counts. Their nutritional value differs in the calorie content depending whether they are baked, fried or steamed. Also Chicken skin is not eaten and shrimp tail meat is eaten which add to the difference in the content. Shrimp farming should be encouraged as it opens up a new content to the list of the edible things of a non vegetarian person. The nutritional benefits of shrimps make no compromises to its serving and should be cherished more for the same. The shrimps and chicken are choices even depending upon the availability. Shrimp farms need to be careful as they get spoiled very soon and proper care and conditions should be maintained. Shrimp farming is becoming an occupation which is coming up fast increasing the awareness of it as a food product and even a commodity for business. Shrimps can be eaten hot as well as cold and are delicious adding to the choice for eating them more.

More about Shrimp farming

Shrimp has taken up an important place in the list of sea foods to the level at which shrimp farms have not only generated employment but have also contributed to the sea food cuisine in a healthy way. Shrimp farms are run by mostly people who have the dedication towards cultivating this type of a fish. Apart from the nutritional knowledge about the shrimps, you even need great skill and knowledge to cultivate it or even net it for selling purposes. The US treats it as the second best eaten sea food and it is no exception in the farming arena with shrimp farms increasing in their number, production and popularity. Shrimps have nutritional and cultivation flexibilities that have helped shrimp farming grow as it has in the past years.

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